Sunday, March 7, 2010

The most amazing weekend and 4 more days!!

Well, its been a while since my last update. A lot has happened since then. Baron celebrated his 25th birthday on Valentine's Day and I celebrated my 24th birthday this past Wednesday. We have gotten to hear the babies heartbeat of couple of times now. It is honestly the most amazing and beautiful sound! It can be described as nothing less than a pure miracle. This weekend Baron and I took a trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas. He planned it as a birthday trip for the two of us. We spent the weekend at the neatest bed and breakfast in downtown Hot Springs. When we got there on Friday, Baron had arranged for there to be roses and a birthday cake for me in the room. I am married to a truly amazing man! Saturday, we woke up and had a 3 course breakfast that was delicious! From there we explored the town. We did the best we could of hiking the national park. I had to take quite a few breaks. Breathing and hiking isn't as easy when you are pregnant! :) It was still really nice to get some fresh air and spend the afternoon together. Saturday evening we had a nice dinner at a Cuban restaurant. Sunday we woke up to another 3 course breakfast. Yummy! Afterwards we enjoyed an hour couples massage at a neat little spa. Following our spa day, our bed and breakfast packed us with a sack lunch, and we were on our way home! I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. I love you Baron! Thank you for an amazing weekend!
We have a lot to look forward to this week as well! On Thursday, Mom, Dad, and Callie are coming in town for our next sonogram. This one is really special because if all works out we will be able to find out the babies sex. I think the whole family is anxious. We will be thrilled with a boy or girl. I am just ready to give Olive a real name :). Everything seems to be going so fast! I can't believe I am already almost to the 5 month mark. It has been a really easy pregnancy so far. The hardest part has been gaining weight, but I know it is going to be well worth it. Lately I have been getting sick at night on the weekends. Weird, I know. But so far for the past 3 weekends I have gotten really bad stomaches that make me sick. The first weekend that I got sick, I thought I just had a stomach bug, but now I am thinking there may be more to it. I am going to try to tweek my diet and see if that helps. Somedays it is still hard for me to believe that I am really having a baby. I am just feeling so blessed! Can't wait to meet our little Olive!

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