Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bugs and Bunnies!

This week was supposed to be Baron's week off, well sort of.  He had the week off only to work on maps for the next portion of school.  The plan was for him to spend all day Tuesday and Wednesday at the library getting all 30 of them completed and then we were going to spend the rest of the week as a family and even had plans to go to Destin for the Friday and Saturday!  Plans are funny though.  When we make them, they usually don't ever work out how we plan! Instead, half of Tuesday was spent working on maps because I got some terrible sort of stomach bug! Baron ended up having to come home to help me take care of Charlie.  Stomach issues and babies are not a fun combination! Well, needless to say I passed whatever I had onto Baron.  The two days we had planned on him working on maps stretched into five! Oh well! Today we seem to be feeling better.  Neither one of us are totally back to ourself yet, but getting there.  We are keeping food down so thats good. Since Charlie had been cooped up in the house all week with his sick parents, today we got up and met some friends at the park for some pre-Easter fun.  Enterprise hosts an Easter egg hunt for all the kids in the city.  Charlie didn't get any eggs, but he did not seem to mind.  He did though get to have his picture taken with the Easter bunny! He was most fascinated with his fur, tried to pull it out! After it was all over we stayed a little while.  Ashley's 2 boys, Sawyer and Eli, played for a little bit and Charlie tried to jump out of his stroller.  In the end I decided I still don't like bugs and bunnies well I guess they are kind of cute, at least when they are holding my sweet Charlie man!   

Checking to see if it was real!

Charlie and the Easter Bunny!

I love my little man! 

Sweet Sawyer ready to play! 

Sweet little Eli sleepy after hunting all his eggs! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's new? Oh so much!

Ok, so I know I said I was going to do better keeping up with the blog and it has been 4 months since the last post.  So, maybe I had high hopes, but oh well I am here! These past couple of months, life in Enterprise has just taken off!! Since January, Baron and I have joined a church, I have started sewing again, learned how to crochet, and most recently have been playing with cake icing, trying to see if I am any good at decorating cakes! When we moved here I prayed for friends, and God has sent me friends!! Sitting at home and wondering "What are we going to do today?" is a thing of the past!  Charlie has officially mastered the art of crawling! Scout has gotten pretty quick about getting out of the way when he sees Charlie coming. In the past week, our dare devil has discovered how to walk while pushing his walker! Oh my is he busy bee! I think with the next baby (No! I am not pregnant!) I will stay away from the caffeine! Without a doubt I can say that the little boy LOVES to play! We could have never imagined how much fun he would be.  He is such a joy and can literally bring a smile to just about anyones face. Baron finished up another portion of flight school yesterday. He made a 95 on his last check ride.  Their check rides consist of an oral test from what they have studied and a test of their flying skills.  He is one step closer to being the Black Hawk pilot he has dreamed about! If all things go as scheduled we will be finishing up and he will be graduating some time towards the end of August or the beginning of September.  Our time here has flown by. I never imagined how hard of a move it would be to move away from here.  I know when our move day comes though, there are going to be quite a few tears! From here we are not sure where we are going, we are still praying about that. This next month, we are looking forward to dedicating Charlie at church on Mother's Day and Baron and I are getting baptized!!! Both of us were baptized as babies but as adults, we have chosen to publicly express our love for Christ and affirm our faith through baptism. I wasn't kidding when I said we have had a lot going on!! No promises, but I am going to REALLY try to keep up with this thing from now on!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

We are back in the new year!

So it has been a while, but we are back! A lot has happened since the last post back in March. Our sweet baby boy was born, we moved to Alabama, Baron now has his first 5 flight hours training to fly helicopters, and Charlie is about to turn 5 months old! So lets back track a little bit. Charlie Owen was born on August 10. He weighed 8lbs 6oz and was 20 inches long. 9 days after he was born, we moved to Alabama. It was a long trip with a week old baby, but we made it! He slept most of the way so it really wasn't too bad. Its hard to believe we have now been here almost 5 months! Charlie is now growing like a weed!! At his 4 month checkup he weighed 16lbs and was 26 1/4 inches. As of recently he is sitting up on his own and is rolling like a rolling pin. Its been so neat to watch him grow. We love to hear him laugh and watch him play. Baron started flying on Monday. It is a challenge but he is loving it! Not only has it been a challenge, it has been exhausting. Ever other week he has to get up at 3:30 am to start his day. When he gets home in the evenings, we have a little family time and then its time for him to hit the books. He made a 100 on his first test last week. He has made me so proud. His busy schedule has been hard to get used to, but we are adjusting. So far though, 2011 is treating us well. Hopefully there will be a few more updates from us this year than last, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!!

Its a boy!! We went for our second sonogram the Thursday before spring break. My parents came in town and so they got to be there for the big reveal! Our sweet little boy spread his legs just long enough for us to see that it was a BOY! The rest of the time he was just as wiggly as can be. We are sooo excited for our first baby to be a boy. Baron thinks it is another reason for me to let him buy a bass boat. He's definitely already one proud daddy. First thing I did on Saturday was go by him the cutest Pottery Barn airplane bedding. Planes are going to be the theme of his room since his daddy is going to be a pilot. This week I am 20 weeks or 5 months. It is seriously going by so fast!! I am still feeling really good. I think Baron is a little weirded out seeing me with my growing belly. We have been going for walks in the evening or at least when the weather is nice, trying to get a little bit of exercise in here and there. I felt his first flutters last week too. It is the neatest feeling ever. I am super anxious for Baron to be able to feel our little man kick.

Baron and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary on Sunday. I cannot believe it has already been a year since the big day. A year ago I never dreamed I would be pregnant with our first baby already! The first couple of days of spring break we took a short trip to Fredricksburg, TX. We stayed in this really neat, romantic cabin just of the Main Street. We had some great food and enjoyed ourselves no doubt. On Sunday for our actual anniversary we ate at Campisis, my favorite Italian resteraunt. Yummy!! Its been an amazing year and I would not change a thing!

School is going great too! My kiddos are doing really well. Only 5 more weeks till the big TAKS test. YIKES! I think I am more nervous than the kids. I absolutely love teaching 3rd grade, but that test makes me sometimes wish I taught like 2nd or something. Only 11 more weeks till summer!! The countdown is on! I am definitely looking forward to getting some sun on my glowing white self.

So somewhere around the end of January I got a phone call from my sister. Her and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for some time now, however, it seemed the timing just wasn't quite right. I believe that everything happens in God's timing and it wasn't the right time until this past January! David was supposed to deploy on the Sunday and she called me on Saturday morning before. I couldn't help but scream when she told me that she was pregnant too and only 5 weeks behind me!! It was like a dream come true and an answered prayer. Not only was it an answered prayer because my sister and David will be amazing parents, but also because I have always prayed that me and Callie could one day enjoy our pregnancies together. So you can only imagine my excitement when she told me she was pregnant and due a month after me! Crazy! My parents are not going to get just one grandchild but 2 within a months time!! She went today for her second sonogram and they think they know what her baby is, but it is going to remain a surprise until they are 100% certain of the sex.

Monday, March 8, 2010

On our hike in Hot Springs National Park. 18 weeks pregnant! Hiking is definitely not as easy when you are pregnant :).
Our cozy bed and breakfast.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The most amazing weekend and 4 more days!!

Well, its been a while since my last update. A lot has happened since then. Baron celebrated his 25th birthday on Valentine's Day and I celebrated my 24th birthday this past Wednesday. We have gotten to hear the babies heartbeat of couple of times now. It is honestly the most amazing and beautiful sound! It can be described as nothing less than a pure miracle. This weekend Baron and I took a trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas. He planned it as a birthday trip for the two of us. We spent the weekend at the neatest bed and breakfast in downtown Hot Springs. When we got there on Friday, Baron had arranged for there to be roses and a birthday cake for me in the room. I am married to a truly amazing man! Saturday, we woke up and had a 3 course breakfast that was delicious! From there we explored the town. We did the best we could of hiking the national park. I had to take quite a few breaks. Breathing and hiking isn't as easy when you are pregnant! :) It was still really nice to get some fresh air and spend the afternoon together. Saturday evening we had a nice dinner at a Cuban restaurant. Sunday we woke up to another 3 course breakfast. Yummy! Afterwards we enjoyed an hour couples massage at a neat little spa. Following our spa day, our bed and breakfast packed us with a sack lunch, and we were on our way home! I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. I love you Baron! Thank you for an amazing weekend!
We have a lot to look forward to this week as well! On Thursday, Mom, Dad, and Callie are coming in town for our next sonogram. This one is really special because if all works out we will be able to find out the babies sex. I think the whole family is anxious. We will be thrilled with a boy or girl. I am just ready to give Olive a real name :). Everything seems to be going so fast! I can't believe I am already almost to the 5 month mark. It has been a really easy pregnancy so far. The hardest part has been gaining weight, but I know it is going to be well worth it. Lately I have been getting sick at night on the weekends. Weird, I know. But so far for the past 3 weekends I have gotten really bad stomaches that make me sick. The first weekend that I got sick, I thought I just had a stomach bug, but now I am thinking there may be more to it. I am going to try to tweek my diet and see if that helps. Somedays it is still hard for me to believe that I am really having a baby. I am just feeling so blessed! Can't wait to meet our little Olive!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I didn't pass out!!

So today we went for another doctor's appointment. This one was just history and blood work. I am not a fan of needles at all...but, I didn't pass out like the last time I got blood taken..Yayy! Tomorrow we will have completed week 11! 1 more week and we can say we are 1 trimester down. We also scheduled our next appointment for next Thursday. We should be able to hear our little Olive's heart beat at this appointment. How exciting!! So far I'm still feeling great. I have been trying to swim every day. I'm pretty sure my mom is convinced I am going to turn into a Hippopotamus. I am pretty sure that I am convinced that this is NOT going to happen! I have enjoyed swimming. It seems to make me feel better and give me more energy. I just wish it would help me sleep better! Overall though everything is going great! Mom is getting super excited she went window shopping today for baby stuff. I think she is so cute!
My brother-in-law left yesterday for his second deployment. Please keep him and my sister, Callie in your prayers. David will be gone until August/September. I am hoping Callie will be able to come spend a little bit of time with us in Dallas while he is gone. I miss her!! Until next time..tootles!!